The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is tackling the grand challenges facing our world using the land-grant model of research, education, and outreach. Working together, we are exploring ways to preserve our natural resources and improve the economic prosperity and quality of life for people around the globe not only today, but for generations to come.


The world is our classroom, where top scientists inspire future leaders in agriculture and life sciences by using hands-on learning experiences on campus and around the globe. 


Complex challenges such as mitigating climate change, improving health and well-being, and feeding a growing global population require sharp minds creating innovative solutions.


Virginia Cooperative Extension is improving lives by enhancing the value of agriculture, sustaining the environment, developing youth and families, and cultivating communities.

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Boris Vinatzer, a professor of plant pathology, physiology, and weed science, and his team identified a new immune receptor in tomato plants together with a team at the Boyce Thompson Institute.

Boris Vinatzer studies plants.

Fighting disease to help tomatoes

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